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Desaar is a pioneer innovating the future of smart actuators and sensors. The unique properties and performance of its technology enables the improvement of existing products, as well as the development of novel, innovative products for consumer, automotive and industrial applications.

Intelligent drives and sensing



An overview of all facts

No heating


The high energy efficiency reduces the Joule heating to zero.

High energy density

High Energy

The low volume and weight of the actuator, in combination with the physical actuation principle, results in a very high energy density, which is higher than the one of electromechanical actuators.

Low-cost materials


Our actuators mainly consist of silicone and carbon black, which, in large quantities, are extremely cheap and readily available.

High energy efficiency

High Energy

Very low current is needed to provide a movement and nearly no current is needed to hold a constant position.

Silent operation


Our actuators do not produce any clicking or buzzing noise like electromagnets, nor blow off noise like pneumatic systems.

High design flexibility

High Design

Our sensor and actuator production allows the use of large-scale manufacturing processes. Yet, it is still flexible enough to customize our products to your needs.

Sensor-less position control

Position Control

Every movement of the actuator results in a change of measurable physical parameters, which can be used as feedback for closed-loop position control.

Light-weight systems


The use of silicone and plastic within our products, as well as minimal metallic inclusion, makes them very light-weight.

No noble earths

No Noble

The core of our technology consists of silicone and carbon black. We do not require any noble earths or other rare, expensive materials, which is good for the environment and your wallet.



Desaar – dielectric elastomers

Who we are and what we do?

Desaar is a technology startup with the aim of commercialization of sensor and actuator solutions based on dielectric elastomers. Due to intense application driven research over the last decade we are able to deliver tailored system solutions to generate value for our customers.

Together with the help of governmental funding (EXIST business startup grant) we developed mass production concepts. Therefore, Desaar is the perfect partner to analyze your kinematic problem, finding tailored solutions, prototyping, and finally delivering a market-ready product.




A long-term goal of Desaar is to grow to be a market leader for smart actuators and sensors, especially in the segment of Industry 4.0. In an effort to achieve this goal, we are continuously strengthening our patent portfolio and searching for strategic partners for new and innovative products thereby developing new markets.

We aim to continuously replace inefficient electromagnetic and pneumatic actuators with our efficient technology to reduce the worldwide energy consumption, thus helping the global effort of CO2 reduction.

In summary, Desaar is a pioneer in an innovative technology and strives for the market leadership with its combination of application development and manufacturing of dielectric elastomer actuators.

Intelligent motors for industry 4.0